Homeopathy Clinic in Egypt
Practitioner - May AbdelRazik

Welcome to my clinic’s website - The Vital Sensation Homeopathic Clinic

Looking for homeopathy in Egypt? You have come to the right place. If you are looking to find out more about homeopathy in Egypt or would like to visit a homeopath or get a homeopathic consultation I hope this site will help answer your questions.

Homeopathy is a form of complimentary or alternative holistic healing discipline based on the concept of like cures like. It is safe, gentle and an effective system of treatment. If you don’t know what homeopathy is or not sure about it please visit the “What is Homeopathy?” page for a more detailed explanation.

The clinic is an exclusively homeopathic clinic practicing classical homeopathy as set by homeopathy founder and developer Dr. Sameuel Hahnemann. To know more about me, the practitioner, and the Vital Sensation method, please refer to the “About Me” page.

A Homeopathic treatment generally involves an initial consultation (takes around 2 hours) and a few follow-up sessions which are critical to maximize the results and benefits to the client and to provide feedback on progress with the treatment. For detailed information about the clinic location, working hours, contacts ...etc. please refer to “The Clinic” page

If you have any question about what a homeopathic consultation involves? What can homeopathy treat? How can you benefit from homeopathy? ...etc please check my FAQ page and if it doesn’t answer your question don’t hesitate to contact me with your question.

I am always in the process of updating and fine tuning the site so please keep coming back and do send your comments, suggestions and / or questions.