History of Homeopathy in Egypt

The first occurrence of Homeopathy in Egypt was probably in 1851 when a British homeopath came to Egypt with the British colonial Regime. Unfortunately Homeopathy did not flourish in Egypt unlike what happened in India where it was introduced under similar conditions. It was not until the early 1990s when things started to change for homeopathy in Egypt.

In early 1990s the late Dr. Hoda Zikry, an Egyptian M.D. practicing in a hospital in Heliopolis came in contact with a British homeopath, namely Cassandra Marks who arrived in Cairo along with an osteopath Sylvie Imbert. Dr. Hoda studied under Cassandra Marks and started to apply what she learned on her patients.

A year later more interest started growing when AbdulHayy Holdijk, a German living in Cairo and tutoring at the American University in Cairo, started a correspondence course with the School of Homeopathy in Devon. With the help of others mainly a homeopathic charity called “Homeopathy for Change” an agreement was made to send qualified homeopaths to Cairo to teach a group of 25 interested persons. The homeopaths would come every 2 months for a period of around 10 days to train interested participants.

AbdulHayy Holdijk later founded H2RC2 an Egyptian independent NGO to promote, teach and inform the Egyptian public, as well as the Arab world about homeopathy, complimentary medicine in general, ecology both internal and external. He then started a three-year training course in cooperation with Lakeland College of Homeopathy in the UK which is the main source of providing qualified homeopaths in Egypt. The third three-year training course is currently running and AbdulHayy Holdijk is regarded as the God Father of homeopathy in Egypt as his efforts in finding and spreading homeopathy in Egypt are remarkable.

For a mored detailed account on the history of homeopathy in Egypt, please refer to H2RC2A Brief History of Homeopathy in Egypt