May AbdelRazik - Member of Lakeland College of Homeopathy (M.L.C. Hom)

I received my homeopathic certification from the Lakeland College of Homeopathy in UK (Cairo Program). I am practicing the Vital Sensation Method of homeopathy as developed by the world renowned homeopath Rajan Sankaran, a revolutionary and ground breaking new method of prescribing that is rapidly becoming the most accurate and effective system of homoeopathy yet developed with results far superior to older traditional methods.

The Vital Sensation Method is based on classical Hahnemanian homeopathy set out by homeopathy founder and developer Dr. Sameuel Hahnemann. The Vital Sensation is the core bodily felt sense that is at the root of our innermost processes. The method, in simple terms, is to go deeper into the levels of the patient’s experience to reach his / her core global sensation from which all disturbances and local sensations stems and thus reach a prescription that covers the totality of the patient’s illness helping him / her on the healing journey.

Classical homeopathy believes that there is one central disturbance in the body at a given time and that all presenting symptoms and complaints are related and should be used as clues to find the central disturbance. Treating this central disturbance not only helps remove all symptoms and complaints of the patient but also help them regain balance and energy and thus a more healthy life. The challenge has always been how to identify this central disturbance and that is where the Vital Sensation Method comes. It is based on the long proven concepts of classical homeopathy yet brings in a whole new dimension to case taking enabling the homeopath to reach much deeper levels in the patient allowing for a more effective and deeper acting prescription.

I have attended multiple workshops on different homeopathic prescribing techniques but I am currently specializing in the Vital Sensation Method.